H E A V Y   M E T A L   O P E R A

KLYTAIMNESTRA Or The Curse Of The Atrides

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Heavy Metal Opera, Memmingen, Germany, 1999

The curse weighing on the family of the Atrides has its origin in the atrocities of the history of the tragedy. . Thyestes stole his brother Atreus´ wife, who took revenge by serving Thystes his slaughtered children as a meal. Since this time the chain of blood was not broken. Each descendant took revenge for atrocities with massacres even worse.

Agamemnon, son of Atreus and ruler of Argos, sacrificed his own daughter Iphigenie to the gods asking for favorable winds for his journey to battle Troja. Klytaimnestra, Iphigenie´s mother and Agamemnon's wife, was now looking for revenge. This is were the plot of the tragedy starts.

Together with her lover Aigisthos Klytaimnestra waits for the return of her hated husband to realize her plan. Conspirators axe Agamemnon, who has victoriously returned from war, in the bath. Now Klytaimnestra and Aigisthos rule Argos by force. The perpetrators do not suspect that they too will fall victim to revenge principle.

Orest, son of Klytaimnestra and Agamemnon, retruns from the exile his mother sentenced him to. He decides to avenge his fathers death, according to an order of God Apollon. With a trick he forces his way into the palace and remains unrecognized. Then he first kills Aigisthos and finally also his mother. She threatens him, that her vengeance will follow him around.

Orest is actually judged by the Gods. While Apollon defends the Orests deed, the Erinnyas demand his death. Neither of both parties can enforce a decision, so the presiding judge Athena decides on Orests fate.

She decides to leave the decision to Orest. He commits suicide by his sword, tortured by the memory of his parents.

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