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Interview by Sandra (Noise Berlin)

1. How long has Virgin Steele been together?

The band was formed on October 1981. The first album was released in 1982. Therefore we have been together almost 5 years! I find that pretty amazing.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never Virgin Steele?

I call it "barbaric expressionism." It has a primal primitive-savage quality, combined with a lyrically, elegant side. The heaviness of metal, combined with the bombastic-grandiose power of classical music, along with strong melodic sensibilities.

3. Is there a meaning behind the name Virgin Steele?

The name Virgin Steele means a fresh approach, a new lease on life, full of hunger and power, rich with dignity and majesty, with an awareness and respect for tradition, but with a desperate need to carve out new frontiers of expression. Taking the music as far as it can possibly go, breaking boundaries wide open. There are NO LIMITS. Pure metal - pure power, and also that dichotomy, of lightness or softness, and heaviness and aggression.

4. Has there been any line-up changes lately?

Rob DeMartino is back with us, although he didn't play on the album. Also our long time drummer Joey Ayvazian has retired from the business. The new drummer is Frank Gilchriest. Frank plays on three tracks of the new album. The others were done by Joey before his retirement.

5. Who does most of the songwriting?

I am the main composer. All the songs are written completely by myself, and sometimes I collaborate with our guitarist Edward Pursino.

6. Where do you get inspirations for your songs?

The inspiration comes from living life, being in touch with my surroundings and then interpreting what I see and feel. Also I read a lot and enjoy theater and film. Wine can also be very inspiring!

7. Many of your songs deal with mythology? Is this something you've had an interest in?

Yes, I am an avid reader of all the classic Greek, Roman, and Nordic Myths. I find many similarities and connections within these three types, as well as connections with many other religions, like Christianity or Judaism.

8. In this age of AIDS, how do you deal with the groupie situation?

There are always groupies if anyone wishes to indulge in this behavior. It is in the best interest to use condoms and be as careful as possible. It is still possible to have fun this way.

9. When is Virgin Steele touring?

The next tour will take place in the Spring of 1996 across Europe.

10. What do you hope for the future of Virgin Steele?

I want to successfully tour all of Europe, especially the places we haven't been to yet. I also wish to record a live album and a massive metal/symphonic opera!!!

11. Is there an address where people can write to the band?

The address for fan club information and merchandise is:

Virgin Steele P.O. BOX 2431, North Babylon, NY 11703-0431.

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