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Interview with David DeFeis by Brian Malone from Scrap Metalzone

1. Hi David! I hear many things about the place you live in. Can you tell me where do you live and what do you like about your home or area?

I live in the Great State of New York, on the Ancient Island of Long, as in Long Island. Why Ancient you might ask? Well...all the World is Ancient of course and like any other place on Earth, Long Island/NY has a rich History. People tend to think of Europe as the Old World, but they forget or perhaps do not know, that Native people were living here for thousands of years. And another little known fact is that Christopher Columbus did not "Discover" America. He in fact came quite late. Early Vikings, Norse, Celtic People, Irish Culdee Monks, Phoenicians and various other Folk visited our shores, especially the New England coast, and traded with the Natives, or sometimes fought with the Natives and sometimes lived and loved with them as they encountered them. There are numerous stone formations like the UK's Stonehenge, here and various artifacts have been found in the land and waters to verify this Ancient connection. It is thought that perhaps the Templar Knights also came and re-buried some of their Ancient Treasures here, perhaps under the Newport Tower in Rhode Island! I find it all Fucking Amazing!!! OK enough History! Anyway....I love this place for many reasons. We have Glorious beaches filled with beautiful women, (all Seasons are Magickal here) fantastic forests, lakes, streams and yes vineyards! I am a firm believer in the benefits of the Vine! My middle name is actually Dionysus, who is the Greek God of Wine, sooooo.....I would say I was aptly named. We are minutes from the Great City of New York, and a wealth of opportunity is available for those who seek adventure in many forms!!!

2. Do you really live in such a place?

Hmmmmmm ..... Actually I live with Zeus and the Ancient Gods & Goddesses on Mount Olympus. I come down to Earth now and then, when it's time to perform, record or... if I spot a particularly attractive maiden roaming the fields in search of clover! Ha!!!

3. What about the current "troubles" with your old guitarist?

No trouble, I/we have firmly established ourselves with VIRGIN STEELE, and everyone knows that if those first two albums come out through any other channels than mine, and...without my blessings, then they will be false releases, and amount to little more than glorified bootlegs. It is a waste of space to discuss it any further.

4. Why did you not re-record "Burn the Sun" for THE BOOK OF BURNING CD?

I chose songs that I still felt personally involved in, and that the Band would enjoy recording, so that's how we came up with the track listing. It's not to say that I dislike anything we left off. I did what felt most comfortable at the time. I'm sure if we want to we can always go back and re-visit other tracks as the case may be. But you know...some Histories are not always worth repeating or re-visiting, sometimes due to the horse manure that often remains attached to them!

5. How did you arrive at the HYMNS TO VICTORY track listing, it must have been difficult!

YES IT WAS!!! I actually organized about 5 different versions of that album. It is quite difficult, when you only have 80 minutes to fill, and the songs are quite long! I would have liked to have done "HYMNS", as a double CD. Then it might have been easier, because I could have put on all the Favorites, plus all the Bonus things as well. When we do our LIVE ALBUM, we will hopefully make it a triple set so nothing will be left off!!! Or perhaps a series of double CD releases, to satisfy all the Fans! I know that each and every Fan will be missing something that they wanted on there, but hey....the original albums are still all in print so if one needs to hear a particular track, it still can be found!!!

6. Tell me something about the "HYMNS" Bonus track SATURDAY NIGHT.

OK! That was from a very early writing session that I did with Edward. We spent a few days working on songs in the old basement of a house I used to live in. We wrote THE EVIL IN HER EYES, OBSESSION, COME ON AND LOVE ME, and SATURDAY NIGHT together. Around that same time I also completed THY KINGDOM COME, DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES, and THE ANGEL OF LIGHT, among other things as well. All those tracks were to be fuel for the NOBLE SAVAGE Album, but of course that album was released originally on vinyl so it had to be only about 40 minutes or so. We had to leave things off, which is OK, as we now can hear them as bonus tracks. SATURDAY NIGHT, was a celebration of all that we did during our evenings on the town! We lived in all the local Rock Clubs back then. My "saturday nights", lasted hmmm...I think for a period of about 8-10 years, I did not miss one single Night out!!! It was all raging, Metal, madness, wine women and song!!!!!!! Many escapades, adventures and great.....and not so great people met along the way!

7. What was a typical evening like?

There were no typical evenings, it was all crazy and different and great fun! But for arguments sake, let's say I was going to go out on the Town with Edward on a particular Evening. Often on Nights when we went out together, we would begin by going to dinner in this cheap and funky Italian restaurant we loved, called Joe's. Sometimes we saw roaches crawling up the walls, but we didn't care! More Wine!!! Yeah, we'd eat and drink gallons of Red wine, then pound down the espresso, to fuel us for the coming madness! We would then make our way to the venue/club, and switch to scotch and rage all Night!!! Meet our Friends, hear Metal, sometimes jam and always meet really wonderful women!!!! It often got very crazy, with more than one Adventure taking place in the same Evening, (if you know what I mean)! After the place closed, if we didn't stay for after-hours or go to another all Night/Morning place, then we might head to one of the beaches and I'd see the Sunrise with the Glorious Lady I met.
If it was an Evening where VIRGIN STEELE was playing.....then it was extreme madness!!! We indulged in all the usual shenanigans that you hear about, and then some! Oh Shit!!! I remember one of the after-hours places I went to was raided by guys with machine guns, who shot the place up! We all dived under the tables!!! Luckily no one was injured. I guess it was just scare or shakedown tactics!!! Madness!

8. Great! OK what about MISTS OF AVALON? That one is really romantic.

THANKS!!! "MISTS OF AVALON", was recorded live in the studio by me and Edward, and it just captured a great mood! I love the atmosphere in the tracks. It is definitely a different side to us, and is something I hope to explore more later on. It was again composed in another old basement by me and Ed. The tuning is quite interesting on the guitars, something Ed's been fooling with for awhile. And ......the lyrics were inspired by and written about a Beautiful Raven Haired Lady I know very well!!!

9. I really enjoy the new acoustic "SPIRIT OF STEELE". Why that one?

Why not!!! Again, the song selection was quite difficult, but I remember we had a competition where the Fans expressed their favorites, and out of 2-300 people who wrote in, that track came up again and again. I felt that I could re-explore it and turn it into a new and different animal, so I went for it. I'm very happy with the results!!! It is a True Noble Sky Hymn!!!

10. Any more stories from now or the early days?

Yes, but they can't be printed in a Family magazine such as this!!! Ha!!!!! Some things shall remain in the Vaults!!!! Come visit us and stay a week or a year!!!

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